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Sam Claflin: Master of Fear

Prepare to be terrified!  Sam Claflin drops by the MTV offices to face his demons.

'Male Bondage' With Mark Wahlberg

The “Ted” star spends some quality man cave time with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz.

'The Yes/No Show' With Shia LaBeouf And Jessica Chastain

Is Shia responsible for Jessica’s dog’s missing leg? This and other mysteries are solved in this episode of “The Yes/No Show.”

'The Yes/No Show' With Matt Damon And John Krasinski

First Matt and his wife, now Matt and his bromance. 

The Very First “The Yes/No Show” With Matt Damon & Emily Blunt

The “Adjustment Bureau” stars answer life’s deepest yes/no questions.

'The Escort' With Michael Shannon
In this edition of After Hours, Michael Shannon arrives as Josh’s escort - but their meeting gets even more intimate than they had expected.
A personal favorite.

Will Ferrell Teaches you How to Master Any Accent. 

Watch and learn.

Sensitive Guys 101 With Josh Hutcherson

Explore the soft side of Josh Hutcherson in this week’s episode of “After Hours.”

Celebrity Catfish At The 2013 MTV Movie Awards with Mark Wahlberg, Joe Manganello, Anna Kendrick, and Nev & Max

Before the 2013 Movie Awards, Max & Nev help Josh Horowitz meet his online soul mate: Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson.

'Fuck, Marry, Kill' With Ashley Tisdale

In this MTV Movie Awards edition of “After Hours,” the “Scary Movie 5” star plays a horror movie-centric game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill.”

Jared Leto Wants To Marry Kanye West & Other Revelations in “Would You Rather” 

The “Dallas Buyers Club” and Thirty Seconds To Mars star faces a tough round of impossible questions from MTV News’ Josh Horowitz.