MTV - The Initiation

"That’s really good. I finally see what everybody else is saying about you."   (X)

"Can you, in fact, "Spock-ify" any phrase that I give you?" (x)


How to prank someone the Tom Hiddleston way

Rwoof (x)

James McAvoy & Jessica Chastain Go Wild In The Initiation /MTV AFTER HOURS/ (HD)

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James McAvoy & Jessica Chastain Go Wild In “The Initiation”

It takes a lot to be friends with these movie stars.




Movie Trailers - Celebrity News

'American Football Talk' With Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe can name every NFL QB - except One

'The Dark Side' With Anna Kendrick

Movie Trailers - Celebrity News

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Is Mark Ruffalo falling in love or taking a poop? Find out the answers in MTV After Hours “Guess The Gaze”.


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